The Right Mix of Aggressiveness


Debi, South Jordan, " I truly cannot say enough about this attorney! We were in Court for a custody battle for 4 long years with two previous, highly recommended attorneys and we were losing. We paid out a LOT of money. We shouldn't have been losing, but we were and didn't understand why?We were desperate and scared. Gayanne changed all that! She was knowledgeable, tenacious and very well prepared. It feels so good to know that you are finally in competent hands when the welfare of your child is at stake. After hiring her not only did we win our custody battle, we won everything we could have wanted! She made mincemeat of the other attorney. Her experience really showed, when we got to the big trial date. As if that weren't enough, she went miles further AFTER the trial, working hard to ensure that our rights would be enforced and never be compromised again.I truly think that we would have lost if we had not hired her.I cannot stress enough the importance of having competent legalhelp. Thank you Gayanne for ensuring that justice was done!

Jana," When my life took a u turn and I found myself in need of an attorney, I was scared to death. Gayanne was the most understanding, calming attorney a client could hope for. I interviewed several attorney's before I found my way to her. As soon as we had our initial consultation I knew she was going to be the best fit for me. It was a not so pleasant divorce, it actually was pretty ugly, her words that still stick with me today are 'We just want this outcome to be fair to both parties'.... That is exactly what she accomplished in a calm, knowledgeable, efficient way. Who would have thought that an attorney was like that. Gayanne is more than an attorney. She is a mother, wife and friend and she is in touch with the real world. At the courthouse she is known and liked by everyone she comes in contact with. Her smile touches everyone and puts them at ease. The opposing attorney was having some health issues, Gayanne was aware of them and checked on her to make sure she was feeling OK and was ready and able to present her case. Gayanne is very active in her community and takes great pride in Salt Lake City. If you are in need of an attorney I would recommend her in a heart beat. You will be treated with great respect, kindness, and compassion. It's like you are her only client and your needs are the most important thing to her."

Josh, Salt Lake City: "As an unmarried father fighting for visitation and custody of my daughter, I felt defeated and frustrated by the Utah family court, until I hired Attorney Gayanne K. Schmid. Atty. Schmid was my third family law attorney and immediately became 100% committed to the case. She quickly developed a game plan to help me achieve my end goal."

Atty. Schmid had a never give up attitude, even in the face of overwhelming odds against us. She worked tirelessly on the case and got the results I dreamed: -full legal and physical custody. Atty. Schmid has tremendous presence in the courtroom and understands the legal issues very well. She is both thorough and unrelenting. I say this not because she got me full custody, but I have significant trial experience of my own as both a prosecutor and defense attorney for over 10 years. I will recommend her to anyone who is going through family law issues. There is no one more equipped to handle a ruthless and contentious custody situation and all of the unusual curve balls like Atty. Schmid did. If you want to win and have the case resolved so you can really go on with your life, use Atty. Gayanne K. Schmid. "

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