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Chances are this is the first time you've needed a lawyer and you are worrying about choosing a good one. You may have reviewed other divorce websites and noticed that after a while they all begin to look alike.

My past clients were also looking for a good lawyer. A strong advocate who was still compassionate about their unique circumstances. One who always returned their calls promptly and kept them up to speed. A pragmatist who didn't just tell them what they wanted to hear and if their expectations were unrealistic, offered alternatives. A seasoned veteran who worked efficiently and effectively, utilizing that experience to keep costs down.

Because my past clients found what they were looking for, I will let them do the talking. If you decide to make a similar choice - with respect to your divorce, paternity action or step-parent adoption or if you need a prenuptial agreement, will, trust, living will, guardianship or conservatorship -- I will be waiting to hear from you. (801) 531-8300.